Product Development

Product Development

Our senior team offers strong project leadership and we will work closely with you to understand the requirements of your software systems and to help plan the user journeys and interface layouts required, and to design technical solutions.

UI Design

Our interface and UX expertise, backed by an exceptional in-house development team, enables us to deliver intuitive interfaces that work across any device.

System Security

Our Cyber Security experts are constantly observing the latest Cyber Security threats, ensuring that the products we develop are following the latest security trends, and are updated when new threats arise.

Quality Assurance

Our testing procedures, backed with iterative based design, enables us to ensure that the products we develop are high quality.

Whole-sourcing. An end-to-end approach to product development

We offer unique service to our clients which we refer to as a Collab-Source approach.


A collab-sourced solution is a full blown product or service designed from concept to production by a team of Highend Software’s project managers, architects and developers which works collaboratively with the client as their extended product engineering arm. We can manage all aspects of a software development project from A to Z with full accountability for deliverables.


Using our proven software development process we ensure that business priorities are met and development risks are managed. Our clients have used our collab-Source capability to build and support a range of products — from enterprise systems, to operational data stores, to web-based products, to mobile solutions, to portals.

Whole Sourcing
Agile Software Development

We follow Agile based Software Development Process

We follow agile methodology as the core of our software development process. Agile process is based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams.


Adaptive planning allows us to update our plan based on changing circumstances and requirements.


Instead of building and then delivering your system in a single “big bang” release you instead deliver it incrementally over time.


Iterative development helps to ensure the end result is high quality and is exactly how the customer wants it.

Why do we Love Agile Methodology?

It improves predictability and exposes project risks at early stages. – cannot hide anywhere

It reduces waste – No red tape

Motivates individuals and builds strong cross functional teams.

Product development phases are completed organically by taking small incremental steps and there is no scope for any last minute surprises.

There is complete transparency – the client becomes part of the team

The method supports distributed and geographically separated teams.

Team velocity is available at the finger tips.

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