GPWales is a Job portal created with an aim to benefit every doctor and GP Practice in Wales. After speaking with Practice Managers, Partners, Salaried Doctors and GP Registrars, the idea grew and GPWales was launched focusing on 3 core areas:

  1. Jobs
  2. Locums
  3. Discounts

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The core areas

The aim is to get every general practice job (Doctors / Nurses / Receptionist etc.) in Wales in one place and easy to find and compare. Job adverts will stay online until they are filled. Individuals apply online, and practices can manage the applications from their dashboard. Job adverts will be shown online for a minimal cost to the practice.

A simple, straight-forward platform for doctors and practices to meet, and arrange locum shifts. Best of all – free for all to use.

Every practice buys the same things every month. Because we are buying supplies as individuals or as single practice – we are not getting bulk-buy discounts. We have negotiated discounts with suppliers so you can save on your monthly spending.

Team Size

2 Developers

1 QA

1 Manager

Technology Stack & Languages

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I’ve been very impressed with Highend Software. Above and beyond; we’ve gained twice the development in half the time from previous teams. I wish we had known about them months ago. I’m looking forward to a long and effective future.

- TJ Wheeler, Director

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