UK People Finder traces entitled beneficiaries of those who have died without leaving a will. If there are no known living relatives, any property, possessions or money that is left by the deceased (their estate) passes to the Crown. UK People Finder’s extensive team of specialist probate researchers use their genealogy skills to establish the deceased’s family tree and identify living relatives whom they then contact to discuss in greater detail.

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The core areas

UKPF’s database has built up huge resources over the period since it started and has access to over 1/4 billion unique pieces of data. Using this data as the source our client wanted us to use data mining techniques on electoral, marriage, birth and death databases and develop a web based solution to help customers in performing family tree searches.

Team Size

1 Developer

1 Manager

Technology Stack & Languages

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    January 2016


Highend Software has helped us in doing the integration of electoral, marriage and death databases with our web portal. Accomplishing the end goal of this project was quite important for us as it immensely helps our customers to trace their loved ones.

- Janice Brooks, UKPF

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